Prof.Dr. Ayşegül Taylan ÖZKAN

Hitit University

Prof. Dr. Aysegul TAYLAN OZKAN has received national and international trainings for laboratory safety and participated in many trainings within and outside of the institution as trainers during their employment in Turkish Public Health Institution of the Ministry of Health (former Refik Saydam National Institute of Health). She has taken charge in projects with similar scopes in the institution alongside the formerly conducted TR0403.06, TR0503.13 and TR0802.16 projects. Currently, Prof. Dr. Aysegul TAYLAN OZKAN works in Medical Microbiology works in Hitit University Medical School. On the one hand, she participates in mutual collaborative work in their specialties and on the other, she also teachs in bachelor and graduate degree levels and give in-service laboratory safety training in the institutions they work for. Her involvement with the Ministry of Health still continues as consultants and alongside studies in laboratory inspection, quality, norms, and teams, they take part in similar study groups in the related field with national trade bodies. During all of these duties, she has had the chance to detect that there is deep incompetence in the field in this matter.